Unlock Investment Opportunities with 7 Best Upcoming Binance Listings

• Binance is one of the most popular exchanges for investors, and it has a rigorous vetting process for selecting crypto projects.
• This article takes a look at 7 potential upcoming listings on Binance that investors should keep an eye on.
• These projects include Fight Out, C+Charge, NFTify, Kogia Network, Lumenon Protocol, AirRave and Plasm Network.

What is Binance?

Binance is one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with the largest trading volume. It has a strict vetting system to ensure that only trustworthy projects are listed on its platform.

Upcoming Listings on Binance

This article dives into seven potential upcoming listings on Binance in 2023 that investors should be aware of: Fight Out (FGHT), C+Charge (CCHG), NFTify (NFTY), Kogia Network (KOGIA), Lumenon Protocol (LUMEN), AirRave (RRV) and Plasm Network (PLM). Each project offers unique benefits and opportunities for investors.

Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out is an upcoming project with a very successful presale that has raised over $4.4 million so far. The presale will continue until March 31st and then users can start buying FGHT tokens from centralized exchanges from April 5th onwards. Fight Out offers users access to in-depth tutorials to establish and improve their workout regimes through its mobile app. Additionally, professional athletes have been onboarded to create instructional videos as well as host challenges in physical gyms which will be rewarded with FGHT tokens. Every user will have a digital avatar which reflects their physical attributes and is represented by an NFT too! Furthermore, Fight Out plans to collaborate with existing gyms as well as build its own physical gyms that can be accessed with the mobile app once it’s live.

C+Charge (CCHG)

This project aims to solve the problem associated with EV charging by introducing a uniform payment method across all EV charging stations using CCHG tokens instead of switching between payment methods for different service providers. Initially, C+Charge will focus on providing services within Europe but plans to expand globally soon after launch in 2023 if successful. The company also plans to partner up with various companies while offering attractive incentives such as discounts or rewards points redeemable against products or services provided by them; thus creating additional value for token holders and boosting demand for CCHG tokens eventually leading up to listing on major crypto exchanges such as Binance eventually making it possible for users worldwide to benefit from this revolutionary technology!


NFTify is another interesting project that’s looking forward towards getting listed on Binance sometime later this year or early next year if all goes according to plan! This project aims at bringing together gamers from around the world who wish to monetize their gaming skills through Non Fungible Tokens(NFTs). Through NFTify players can purchase game assets like skins or characters using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin which then become tradable items like any other asset available within games! This opens up new possibilities not just limited to gaming but also extending into other areas like art where creators can mint digital artworks backed by blockchain technology enabling buyers/collectors liquidate these pieces easily without having any worries about authenticity or provenance issues associated traditionally with digital artwork sales!

Kogia Network (KOGIA)

Kogia Network is yet another ambitious project looking towards getting listed on Binance during 2023 if everything goes smoothly till then! Kogia brings together two cutting-edge technologies – blockchain & AI – aiming at revolutionizing how businesses interact & transact securely online using smart contracts powered by distributed ledger technology ensuring seamless data flow between partners & customers alike thereby reducing frauds & disputes related costs significantly while providing transparency across entire transaction cycle including execution & settlement making it easier than ever before! Additionally they plan onto integrate machine learning components into their system allowing businesses identify & mitigate risks involved when dealing online without human intervention therefore improving efficiency substantially while maintaining low operational costs due primarily due automation enabled through AI driven systems used within Kogia platform itself!


The seven upcoming listings mentioned above are some of the most promising projects currently being considered for listing by Binance exchange in 2023 – each offering something unique whether it may be improved workout regimes through FightOut’s mobile app; standardized payments across all EV charging stations via C+Charge; monetization of gaming skills through NFTify; secure business interactions & transactions via KogiaNetwork; decentralized asset management through LumenonProtocol; improved cellular connectivity experience via AirRaveor building custom blockchains through PlasmNetwork – each presenting exciting opportunities for investors looking forward towards diversifying portfolios into highly promising crypto projects likely hitting mainstream sooner than later opening up gates useful medium term gains potential when invested judiciously now itself !