They launched David19, an initiative that uses blockchain to collect information about the Covid-19

In response to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, DAVID19 was recently launched, a platform for sharing information to track the virus for a health response. The initiative uses blockchain technology. This was reported by CIO Peru on May 19. According to the publication, the initiative uses information but „in a voluntary, anonymous and secure manner“.

The article indicated that this launch is an initiative of LACChain in alliance with BID Lab, IOVlabs, World Data, everis, Grupo Sabra and LLYC.

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„Its launch is focused on Latin America and the Caribbean, but its use and information will be openly and universally available,“ the publication said.

„The launch was attended by Alejandro Pardo, senior specialist at BID Lab and leader of LACChain; Irene Arias, CEO of BID Lab; Marcos Allende, technology coordinator of LACChain; Moisés Menéndez, senior advisor to LACChain; and Alejandro Romero, partner and CEO of the Americas at LLYC,“ the article added.

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How the platform works
CIO Peru described the platform as follows: „DAVID19 is an ecosystem that is composed of four elements: a native application, a commsite, a group of digital wallets and its social networks. Among all these elements, the main one is the application that will be downloaded by the people who want to participate in the system. Although there is a caveat, the DAVID19 application is only an aggregator, what people will actually have to download are the digital wallets which are the


where they will actually enter their data“.

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In addition, according to an article in the Argentinean portal Corrientes24hs, DAVID19 works as a digital wallet aggregator: „Through the DAVID-19 app, already available for download, each person will be able to select a digital wallet, create his or her profile and start uploading information to understand how the COVID-19 moves in the region. This way, users will be able to upload data about their quarantine, their movements and keep the information updated to see how the interactive map for monitoring risk situations evolves. This map, made up of data shared by millions of people, will be public and the heart of the initiative.