C+Charge Set to Raise Over $1m: Only $600k Left Before Price Increase

• C+Charge is a blockchain-based project designed to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry.
• The project has raised over $1 million in investment during its ongoing presale, with just $600,000 left before the price of their native token, $CCHG, increases from $0.01450 to $0.01600.
• The core features of the C+Charge ecosystem are what make it unique and attractive to investors.

C+Charge Set To Revolutionize EV Industry

C+Charge is a revolutionary blockchain-based project designed to disrupt the electric vehicles (EV) industry by integrating a seamless payment system for EV charging stations deployed on blockchain technology. With over 1 million raised in investment during its ongoing presale, only around 600k is left before the end of phase two of its presale in less than 48 hours. Now is the best time to buy.

Core Features Of C+Charge Ecosystem

The core functionalities of C+Charge have propelled keen interest from investors as they will be able to seamlessly pay for their vehicle charging via its native token, $CCHG and earn incentives for doing so. These core features are what make up the project’s ecosystem and why traders should buy its crypto asset now:

Seamless Payment System

The world has relied on fossil fuels for decades which have caused devastating environmental impacts such as pollution and global warming. The C+Charge team aims to build an efficient payment system that enables users to easily pay for their EV charging without having to worry about any hidden charges or fees associated with traditional methods of payment such as cash and credit cards. This will not only reduce the cost associated with EV ownership but also help foster sustainable transportation habits among drivers worldwide by incentivizing them with rewards when they use the platform’s native tokens (CCHG).

Secure Blockchain Technology

The secure blockchain technology used by C+Charge ensures all transactions are encrypted in an immutable ledger that cannot be tampered with or altered by malicious actors attempting fraud or theft attempts on user data or financial information stored within it. This provides users with an extra layer of security when making payments through C+Charge’s platform compared to other traditional methods that lack this type of protection mechanism against cyber crimes such as identity theft and financial frauds committed online through insecure networks or websites hosting malware viruses that can steal sensitive information from unsuspecting victims’ computers and devices connected to them remotely without their knowledge or consent .

Incentivized Rewards Program

In addition to providing a secure payment system, users who utilize C+ Charge’s services will be rewarded with exclusive discounts when they use their native tokens (CCHG) instead of other traditional forms of payments like cash or credit cards when making purchases at participating merchants across different countries worldwide who accept this form of digital currency as legal tender in exchange goods/services rendered within their respective jurisdictions where applicable according regulations governing cryptocurrency usage therein .