• Senator Ted Cruz has proposed a concurrent resolution that will see vendors in Capitol Hill accept payments in cryptocurrencies.
• Cruz has championed friendly crypto regulations in Texas and has supported the boom of Bitcoin mining activities in the state.
• Cruz proposed an amendment to the $1 trillion infrastructure bill in 2021 to promote the crypto industry.

Senator Ted Cruz has been at the forefront of advocating for the adoption of cryptocurrency in the United States. The Texas senator recently tabled a concurrent resolution that will require vendors in Capitol Hill to accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

Cruz has been a strong supporter of cryptocurrency in Texas, particularly in the area of Bitcoin mining. The senator visited a mining facility in the state last year and pledged to continue advocating for changes that would benefit the crypto industry. He has also proposed an amendment to the $1 trillion infrastructure bill that was being debated in 2021.

The concurrent resolution proposed by Cruz would require the Architect of the Capitol, the Chief Administrative Officer of the House of Representatives, and the Secretary of the Senate to only work with vending machines and contractors that have an option of accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. It is not yet clear how the US Congress will proceed to implement this initiative, but it is a positive step towards the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency has grown in popularity in recent years, becoming a viable alternative to traditional payment methods. The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, as well as its security features, have made it a popular choice for businesses and individuals alike. By introducing a concurrent resolution that will allow vendors in Capitol Hill to accept payments in cryptocurrencies, Senator Cruz is helping to promote the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to increase the accessibility and usability of cryptocurrency, and to bring it further into the mainstream. It is a positive step towards the further adoption of cryptocurrency, and Senator Cruz’s efforts should be commended.

-The Merge, Ethereum’s move from a proof-of-work (PoW) to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, reduced Ethereum’s energy usage by 99.95%.
-The Merge could potentially attract more institutional investors to the crypto space, as well as appease regulators who have been concerned about the environmental impact of blockchain networks.
-The Ethereum community will have to wait for the Surge, another upgrade scheduled for 2023, to potentially boost network speed.

The Ethereum network has been a favorite token of investors since it has a market cap of almost 200 billion. While the current price movement is an outcome of retail interest, institutional investments still account for a considerable chunk of ETH’s market cap, and this will only continue to grow. The Merge, Ethereum’s move from a proof-of-work (PoW) to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, has been a major development for the blockchain network. This switch greatly reduced Ethereum’s energy usage by 99.95%, from 94 TWh per year down to 0.01 TWh. This could potentially attract more institutional investors to the crypto space, as well as appease regulators who have been concerned about the environmental impact of blockchain networks.

However, some experts are of the opinion that the Merge does not yet solve Ethereum’s scalability issues, and it will take more time for it to accelerate adoption by institutional investors. For this, the Ethereum community will have to wait for the Surge, another upgrade scheduled for 2023, to potentially boost network speed. This upgrade could potentially increase the transaction speed and throughput of the blockchain, thus making it more attractive to institutional investors.

The rise of institutional investors could be a major factor in pushing the Ethereum price higher and reaching $4k in 2023. This will be possible if the network upgrades are successful and the Ethereum community is able to attract more institutional investments. However, this is not a guarantee, as the crypto space is constantly evolving and new advancements can always come up, which could potentially disrupt the price movement. Nonetheless, if Ethereum is able to stay ahead of the curve, then it could reach the $4k price target in the near future.

• FTX, a bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange, has recovered over $5 billion in liquid assets.
• The assets include cash, liquid cryptocurrencies, and investment securities.
• The extent of losses made by customers due to the bankruptcy remains unknown, but the recovered assets do not include any of the $3.5 billion frozen by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas.

FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, has recently recovered a massive $5 billion in liquid assets from its bankruptcy. The assets, which were unveiled in a US bankruptcy court, include cash, liquid cryptocurrencies, and investment securities. The news of the recovery has been welcomed by customers of the exchange, who had been concerned about the extent of their losses due to the bankruptcy.

Andy Dietderich, an attorney representing FTX, told US bankruptcy judge John Dorsey that the recovered assets do not include the $3.5 billion worth of assets frozen by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. The regulator had seized the assets at the behest of Sam Bankman-Fried after a hack on the exchange. According to Dietderich, the seized assets mainly include FTX’s native token, FTT, which has tanked in value since the hack.

In addition to the recovered $5 billion, FTX is also planning to sell nonstrategic investments valued at around $4.6 billion. The FTX legal team is currently working out the full extent of the losses made by the customers, though it was initially estimated that the missing funds were over $8 billion.

The news of the recovery has been met with a mixed response from the cryptocurrency community. Many are pleased that FTX is able to recover some of its lost assets, but are concerned about the extent of the losses suffered by customers. FTX had a valuation of $32 billion at the start of last year, but the bear market and concerns over its balance sheet had triggered a rise in withdrawals. This eventually forced the exchange to file for US bankruptcy protection.

The recovery of $5 billion in liquid assets is a good sign for FTX and its customers, though the total extent of the losses remain unknown. The FTX legal team is still working to uncover the full extent of the damages incurred, and the $3.5 billion frozen by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas could have a significant impact on the outcome.

• Meta Masters Guild is a unique metaverse project that aims to bring fun back to the Web 3 gaming space.
• The project has opened the beta phase of its presale, which will remain open for only ten days.
• MEMAG is the native token of the project and its price is expected to appreciate with each presale stage.

Meta Masters Guild is an innovative metaverse project that seeks to bring the fun back to the Web 3 gaming space. With a ‘play and earn’ approach, the project aims to provide an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience that players can enjoy while also earning rewards. The project has recently opened the beta phase of its presale, which provides an opportunity to invest in MEMAG, the native token of the project. The presale will remain open for only ten days, after which the project will proceed into three more presale stages.

The MEMAG token is set to appreciate with each presale stage, providing a potentially profitable investment for those who participate in the presale. The project is being developed with a focus on both play and earn, and is uniquely targeting gamers as well as blockchain enthusiasts with its approach. The games that will be released on the platform will be based around the MEMAG token and will provide a fun and rewarding experience for all players.

The Meta Masters Guild team is composed of industry veterans and experts in game development, blockchain technology, and marketing. The team has built the project with a focus on making the games as enjoyable as possible, while also providing a secure and fair earning experience. The team is also actively engaging with the community, providing updates on the project and taking feedback from players.

The Meta Masters Guild project is set to revolutionize the play-to-earn space, and MEMAG is set to become a top cryptocurrency gainer in 2023. With the presale open for only ten days, now is the time to invest in MEMAG and be part of the Meta Masters Guild revolution.

The price of Bitcoin has increased dramatically over the last several years, reaching previously unheard-of heights as a result of several bull runs. There are other alternatives to Bitcoin, though, for investors wishing to diversify their portfolios. The many sorts of bull markets, the accessible investment possibilities, and the variables to take into account while investing in alternatives will all be covered in this article.

Describe a bull run

A bull run is a stretch of time during which the price of an asset increases steadily. An asset’s price often rises gradually throughout a bull run spanning a few weeks, months, or even years. Additionally, to guarantee they have access to the finest investment possibilities, investors should utilize the appropriate platform, such as Cryptosoft. Bull runs are frequently regarded as indicators of investor confidence in the asset since buyers are ready to pay more for the asset in anticipation of better future returns.

Different Bull Markets

Stocks, commodities, currencies, and cryptocurrencies are just a few of the assets that might experience bull markets. Each asset class has unique traits that can influence the strength and length of a bull run. For instance, although commodities are more likely to be impacted by supply and demand, stocks are frequently influenced by good news and earnings reports.

Opportunities for Investment Besides Bitcoin

While the price of Bitcoin has increased significantly over the past few years, investors wishing to diversify their portfolios should also think about investing in other assets. Investments may be made in a wide variety of ways, including with cryptocurrencies, equities, ETFs, commodities, and foreign exchange. Before choosing which assets to invest in, individuals should carefully analyze their personal investing goals as each form of asset has unique benefits and hazards.

Considerations for Investing in Alternatives

There are a number of things to think about before investing in Bitcoin alternatives. These consist of the asset’s risk profile, liquidity, and volatility. Investors should also look at the fundamentals of the asset, such as its success in the past and its potential for future growth.

Alternatives to Cryptocurrency

Due to the similarities in features and advantages between cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, they are a well-liked substitute. Blockchain technology, which offers advantages like decentralization and security, is the foundation of several cryptocurrencies. Over the past several years, a number other cryptocurrencies have also seen bull runs of their own, with some generating much larger returns than Bitcoin.


Another well-liked investment choice is stocks, which have the potential for high profits and are simple to trade on stock markets. Stocks may also be purchased and sold fast, enabling investors to profit from changes in the market. Investors should seek for firms with solid fundamentals when buying stocks, such as high earnings and favorable press coverage.


Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are types of investment vehicles that hold a variety of assets, including commodities, bonds, and stocks. Diversification is a possibility with ETFs, which are frequently less volatile than individual equities. Additionally, because ETFs are exchanged on exchanges, investors can swiftly profit from market developments.


Oil, silver, and other commodities are examples of tangible goods that may be exchanged on markets. Because of their propensity to rise in price during periods of falling asset values, commodities are frequently used as a hedge against inflation. Commodities are also often less volatile than equities, which makes them a decent choice for investors seeking more consistent returns.


Foreign currency trading, or forex, gives investors the chance to diversify their holdings and hedge their bets. Investors should be aware of the dangers as forex is a highly volatile asset. Investors should also be aware that leverage is frequently used in the forex market, therefore caution should be exercised when trading this asset class.


Investors may be able to diversify their portfolios and earn greater returns by investing in alternatives to Bitcoin’s bull market. Before making an investment, it is crucial to thoroughly evaluate the fundamentals, volatility, and liquidity of the asset.

La atención en torno al comercio con criptomonedas aumenta constantemente. Mientras tanto, hay incluso personas cuya profesión principal es comerciar con las nuevas monedas. También se suele hablar de ricos beneficios. Sin embargo, el mercado de las criptomonedas es muy inestable. La mayoría de los inversores tienen poca experiencia en el comercio. Sobre todo, la falta de experiencia puede ser un problema.

El mercado de criptomonedas está activo en todo momento; no hay periodos de descanso, ni por la noche ni en días festivos o fines de semana. De la noche a la mañana, el mercado puede cambiar mucho. Para poder seguir esto en absoluto como comerciante, tienes que contar con ayuda. Aquí es donde entran en juego los llamados bots de negociación.

En este contexto, examinaremos el bot „1k Daily Profit“. Se trata de un programa muy popular para el comercio de criptodivisas, incluido el epónimo Bitcoin. Las pruebas anteriores ya muestran que este software es muy sofisticado. Destaca especialmente la opción de crear una cuenta demo. Esto permite a los comerciantes comprobar si el programa es adecuado para sus propios fines. Además, es especialmente fácil familiarizarse con el funcionamiento del software.

### Logotipo ###

¿Qué es 1k Daily Profit?

1k Daily Profit es un software de comercio para criptodivisas. El programa puede crear una previsión de la evolución del valor de la moneda basándose en la situación actual del mercado. Esto significa que el software puede ayudar al operador a decidir si una operación tiene sentido o no, y luego ejecutarla.

El nombre del programa proviene de su especialización original en el comercio de bitcoins. Mientras tanto, el software también entiende cómo operar con Ripple, Etherum y Litecoin, por ejemplo. Dado que el operador se ve liberado de las difíciles decisiones comerciales, el software es adecuado tanto para los principiantes como para los operadores avanzados.

Funcionalidad y características especiales

### Cifras clave ###

¿Qué se sabe de los desarrolladores de 1k Daily Profit?

La sensación de seguridad al comerciar suele reforzarse al saber quién está detrás. Así ocurre en muchas situaciones de la vida, como ocurre con este software. Por desgracia, no se conocen las caras que hay detrás del software. No hay ningún grupo que afirme haber desarrollado este bot. Esto puede eliminar parte de la sensación de seguridad, pero esto es irrelevante. Lo que es mucho más importante es lo que el software es capaz de hacer.

La mayor criptomoneda del mundo es el Bitcoin. Goza de una increíble popularidad. También es la moneda estándar para todas las monedas alternativas. A esta criptomoneda se le puede asociar al menos un seudónimo. Sin embargo, se desconoce quién está detrás del nombre Satoshi Nakamoto.

1k Daily Profit se utiliza en varios sitios de corredores. Por lo tanto, se utiliza en la plataforma de comercio líder en la industria, lo que subraya su legitimidad.

### 3 pasos ###

1k Daily Profit – Opiniones

Incluso si usted como usuario no está al día con la última tecnología, el funcionamiento de 1k Daily Profit está completamente libre de problemas. Cualquiera que pueda manejar Google también puede manejar el bot para ganar dinero con criptomonedas. En el mejor de los casos, se pueden conseguir cientos de dólares en la primera semana. Esto hace que sea una ayuda bienvenida para permitirse cosas más extravagantes de vez en cuando a pesar de la rutina diaria.

Ventajas del software

El propio bot es gratuito.
La cuenta de demostración es una buena manera de familiarizarse con el programa.
Hay una cantidad de depósito de 250 dólares. Esta cifra es inferior a la de otros bots.
Puedes manejarlo desde cualquier dispositivo, ya que está completamente basado en la web.


Los promotores son desconocidos.


Especialmente la posibilidad de „practicar“ con una cuenta demo despierta un gran interés. De este modo, no hay que invertir dinero inmediatamente para poder utilizar el software. Cuando empiece a operar, es más probable que obtenga beneficios. Como usuario, ya sabe lo que puede esperar.

Comparación con otros bots

1k Daily Profit es uno de los mejores bots de comercio con sus características. En todas las áreas, su rendimiento es significativamente mejor que el de otros programas. Este software se puede recomendar sin reservas.

Ransomware é algo com que o „americano médio“ está preocupado, diz o ex-chefe da segurança cibernética Chris Krebs.

O ex-funcionário do Departamento de Segurança Interna, Christopher Krebs, pediu uma maior supervisão governamental da criptomoeda em uma entrevista ontem, dizendo que os pagamentos anônimos são uma ameaça “com a qual o americano médio está preocupado”.

Em uma entrevista no Late Night with Bill Maher , Maher perguntou ao ex-diretor da Agência de Segurança de Infraestrutura e Cibersegurança dos EUA sobre seus pensamentos sobre Bitcoin

“O que vai acontecer com o Bitcoin? Onde você vê isso indo? Isso é mais ou menos na sua área, vejo isso derrubando a civilização, mas talvez eu esteja sendo antiintelectual ”, disse Maher.

“A criptomoeda é, a meu ver, um dos únicos fatores que permitem que os cibercriminosos implantem uma grande quantidade de ransomware em nossas agências estaduais e locais”, disse Krebs. “São os pagamentos anônimos, a capacidade de pagar anonimamente. E eu acho que essa é a ameaça cibernética que preocupa o americano médio. ”

Maher observou que 1.600 escolas foram atingidas com ransomware (citando um relatório da IBM ), e Krebs acrescentou que também houve ataques a „hospitais e agências governamentais, quero dizer, nós tivemos, Baltimore foi atingida duas vezes, Atlanta, Condado de Mecklenburg North Carolina, 23 condados do Texas, Louisiana, foi atingida algumas vezes. ”

“E eles só querem dinheiro. Isso não é nada sofisticado, isso não é ideológico ”, Maher respondeu, comparando – intrigantemente – os ataques de ransomware à trama do filme Die Hard . (Pouco depois, Krebs referiu-se incorretamente ao fictício Nakatomi Plaza como “Torre Nakasomi”).

Krebs prosseguiu, alertando para os „bandidos“ correndo soltos se „não houver consequências“

Ele recomendou “olhar para” criptomoedas em carteiras de câmbio, pressionando os países que os cibercriminosos chamam de lar para reprimir as atividades ilegais destinadas aos EUA e ajudando os governos estaduais e locais a melhorar suas defesas.

O ransomware tem aumentado nos últimos anos , provavelmente contribuindo para um problema de imagem no espaço das criptomoedas. Uma pesquisa recente indica que apenas 43% dos entrevistados acreditam que a criptomoeda é uma forma válida de pagamento, e outra de 2020 mostra que 90% dos entrevistados estão “preocupados” com o uso de criptomoedas para lavagem de dinheiro.

Krebs, que ganhou destaque depois de ser demitido pelo ex-presidente Donald Trump por causa da rejeição vocal de Krebs de teorias de conspiração de fraude eleitoral, pode estar alinhando suas opiniões publicamente declaradas com a opinião popular em preparação para uma disputa ao cargo. O ex-burocrata também apresentou propostas de políticas como o investimento em programas estaduais e locais de defesa cibernética e educação.

How Bitcoin’s supremacy keeps getting cemented

Bitcoin’s network effects make the cryptocurrency the most valuable digital money network in the world. Why this trend is further cementing Bitcoin’s monopoly position.

Network effects are a powerful phenomenon. Here’s an example: Suppose there were only four phones in the world. The number of possible connections by Bitcoin Code between these 4 phones is exactly 6. If you increase the number of phones to, say, 10, 45 connections would already be possible. If we increase this number tenfold again, 4,950 connections would be possible. You can see: Network effects harness the power of exponential growth. In other words: the value of a network consisting of different nodes does not increase proportionally with the number of its users, but exponentially.

The exponential growth of networks.

Social networks like Facebook and Instagram in particular build their business model on the sheer power of network effects.

Bitcoin is not very different. The value of the cryptocurrency is measured above all by the degree of its acceptance – which in turn is measured by the number of its users. After all, who benefits from money that no one accepts? This is one of the reasons why the community always keeps an eye on bitcoin adoption. With digital money, the more users, the better.
Monopolies can be replaced, but …

That’s all well and good. But what’s to stop altcoins like Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA) and co. from overtaking Bitcoin? ETH enthusiasts never tire of emphasising the advantages the cryptocurrency has over Bitcoin. But it is not enough to knock Bitcoin off its throne

Monopolists who take advantage of network effects can hardly be driven away from their dominant position. The magic word is „social consensus“. Because cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are open-source projects; everyone has the right to make a copy of the blockchain, change a screw or two and fork the network, as they say in crypto-speak.

Social consensus is crucial

What cannot be forked, however, is the social layer of the protocol. In other words: If you want to knock Bitcoin off its throne, you have to convince a critical part of the network participants that the respective altcoin is worth investing their savings in. Because at its core, Bitcoin is still a store of value, and people are rightly picky about that. So it is not enough to offer incremental improvements to the platform. In order for more than 100 million BTC users to turn the corner, the respective altcoin must offer truly groundbreaking improvements, or Bitcoin experiences an existential software bug – but that’s another story.

Of course, such a scenario is not entirely out of the question. Facebook, for example, managed to oust MySpace from pole position at the time. However, this was mainly due to the early availability of a mobile Facebook app for smartphones, which attracted a huge number of new users to the system. And this is the crux of the matter: network monopolists can certainly be displaced. But only if the competitor not only brings incremental advantages, but beats the competition by far. A new coat of paint is not enough. Users must have radically better added value to be persuaded to jump ship.

Bitcoin’s market power is huge

Bitcoin, with just over a trillion US dollars in market capitalisation (USD), occupies around 60 per cent of the total crypto market capitalisation. The hash rate, i.e. the accumulated mining power in the network, is setting new all-time highs almost weekly. Meanwhile, Bitcoin forks have been languishing at a constantly low level for months.

O limite de mercado do Bitcoin foi inferior a 100 milhões de dólares a menos de 1 trilhão de dólares por alguns breves momentos hoje.

A Bitcoin está fechando com um teto de mercado de trilhões de dólares

A Bitcoin está fechando com um teto de mercado de trilhões de dólares, com o valor total de todas as Bitcoin cruzando $900B pela primeira vez hoje, quando o preço atingiu novos recordes.

Bitstamp, uma das mais antigas bolsas de crypto Bank ainda em operação, registrou um preço máximo de 49.000 dólares, resultando em um teto de mercado fugaz de 912,69 bilhões de dólares. O preço atual da Bitcoin é de $47.250 por moeda, 5% acima nas últimas 24 horas e 28% nos últimos sete dias.

Um limite de mercado de US$ 900 bilhões representa a adição de US$ 354 bilhões somente em 2021. O recorde anterior para o limite de mercado do Bitcoin foi fixado em 8 de fevereiro, quando atingiu o máximo de US$ 888 bilhões.

A Bitcoin representa atualmente 61% do total do limite de mercado de todas as moedas criptográficas, que também atingiu máximos históricos, já que a maioria dos principais altcoins subiu ao lado da Bitcoin. O limite de mercado de todas as moedas criptográficas atingiu um pico de $1,463 trilhões hoje – ganhando 88,5% em 2021 até agora, após iniciar o ano em US$ 776 bilhões.

A Bitcoin é agora o nono maior ativo do mundo

De acordo com a CompaniesMarketCap, um site que classifica os ativos mais negociados do mundo por sua capitalização de mercado, a Bitcoin é agora o nono maior ativo do mundo, superando o Facebook e o Tesla na última semana. Quando colocado em uma lista de nações por PIB, os US$ 900 bilhões da Bitcoin ficam entre os países do México (US$ 1,04 trilhão) e da Holanda (US$ 886 bilhões).

Os novos máximos para Bitcoin vêm no dia da aprovação da primeira ETF Bitcoin na América do Norte, na mesma semana em que surgiram as notícias Tesla comprou $1,5B de BTC, e em meio a uma atmosfera regulatória que tem sido cada vez mais amigável em relação aos desenvolvimentos relacionados à moeda criptográfica na fintech.

No início deste mês, a administração Biden criou um burburinho na comunidade criptográfica ao nomear algumas personalidades amigas da criptografia para altos cargos, sinalizando potencialmente a oportunidade de um maior grau de cooperação entre as forças reguladoras e as empresas baseadas em cadeias de bloqueio.

Altcoins klatrer til flerårige topper, Bitcoin får fart igjen

Rekordrunden til Ethereum fører også til noen andre Altcoins til nåværende toppresultater.

Ether (ETH) leder kryptomarkedet med en ny rekordhøyde på $ 1.763, og mange andre altcoins kan også øke til toppverdier. For det øverste altcoinet er introduksjonen av ETH-futures på den innflytelsesrike alternativutvekslingen CME også nært forestående, og det er Bitcoin Profit derfor analytikerne antar at den nest største kryptovalutaen snart vil klatre til $ 2000.

Som dataene fra Cointelegraph Markets og TradingView viser, er Ether for tiden tilbake på 1714 amerikanske dollar, noe som tilsvarer en gevinst på 3,27% det siste døgnet, mens markedsleder Bitcoin (BTC) bare kan forbedre seg med 0,21% og derved presse opp til $ 37,633.

Imidlertid når transaksjonsgebyrene på Ethereum blockchain for øyeblikket rekordhøye, noe som er mindre behagelig og til og med har fått noen kryptobørs til å stoppe handel fra ETH og de tilknyttede ERC-20-tokens. Det ukentlige gjennomsnittet for transaksjonsgebyrer 3. februar var $ 17,5.

I mellomtiden ble det i DeFi-prosjektet Yearn Finance (YFI) utnyttet et sikkerhetsgap 4. februar, hvor hackere kunne trekke 11 millioner amerikanske dollar i form av stablecoin DAI. Yearn-teamet reagerte raskt for å begrense skadene så mye som mulig.

Stablecoin-utgiveren Tether hjalp også til med å fryse og returnere 1,7 millioner dollar i stjålne kryptofond fra hacket. MakerDAO-samfunnet har også foreslått etablering av en såkalt „Collateralized Debt Position (CDP)“ for å kompensere for skaden påført berørte kryptobrukere.

Den Washington-baserte kryptovaktmesteren Protego, derimot, kan rapportere mer positive nyheter, fordi det nå er det andre rene kryptoselskapet som mottar godkjenning fra den amerikanske bankregulatoren (OCC).

Corona-hjelpepakken nærmer seg

Aksjemarkedet var også i oppsving i går, fredag, etter at amerikanske beslutningstakere tok et viktig skritt mot å bestå neste Corona-hjelpepakke. Dette vil bety at alle borgere med en årlig inntekt på mindre enn $ 50.000 vil motta en engangsutbetaling på $ 1400.

Disse pengene skal hjelpe befolkningen og samtidig stimulere økonomien, noe som allerede merkes i det faktum at viktige aksjeindekser var i stand til å oppnå bare på grunn av disse nyhetene i går. S&P 500, Dow Jones og NASDAQ er opp henholdsvis 0,39%, 0,30% og 0,57%. Silver klarte også å klatre opp 2,82%, noe som førte til en pris på 26,98 amerikanske dollar.

Altcoins til rekordhastigheter

Bitcoin beveger seg i mellomtiden i et prisklasse på 36.000 – 38.000 amerikanske dollar, mens altcoins, dvs. de „alternative kryptovalutaene“, fikk betydelige gevinster på fredag ​​og gikk videre til nye høyder.